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september how some users have been denied access owe their funds up to 2sub;ñ is days. that is four times longer than banks. since then, serious negotiations over the hold times have been launched. >> so what i would like to see is movement on the part of pay pal i'll be sitting by the phone waiting for them to call. >> that was the reaction after 7 on your side brought the issue to his attention. a recent 7 on your side investigation found pay pal has been denying account holders access to money for as long as 21 days if they suspect usual activity on their accounts. days after our report aired phone call from pay pal came. and a meeting held between pay pal, assembly man's office, and consumer union. >> our primary concern is that we want to make sure consumers money is not being held for usually long periods of time.
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>> anger over the policy was bubbling up. pay pal agreed to consider making changes. the same time our story aired elliott stocks wrote a scathing blog about this issue titled good riddance, pay pal. pay pal new president posted a response, there is a massive culture change happening at pay pal right now, he wrote f we suck at something, we face exit do something about it. pay pal immediately offered to reinstate the account. >> the new president of pay pal has been on record as stating that they've gotten the message from our lawsuit and from consumer complaints. >> that is jeff leon of the complex litigation group filing a class action suit on behalf of users who say accounts have been frozen longer than 21 days. he says accounts of thousands of customers have been frozen six months.
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that is something pay pal denied back in september to 7 on your side sh but now, admits happened on rare occasions when it's in the process of closing someone's account. >> thousands upon thousands of instances where sellers have been flagged as somehow being associated with fraud. have many thousands of dollars in theirboxyr accounts frozen fr six months. and we're told -- weren't told why. >> a settlement agreed to by both sides and awaiting approval by a judge. much of the policies are buried in users' agreements. abc 7 legal analyst says it's a good settlement. >> it's a good settlement in the sense that it's better than no settlement. that is what class actions do. >> both amiano and consumers union say they won't be fats saths fied until the times are shortened. >> it's something we want pay
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pal to look at, carefully. >> pay pal says it's reviewing the issue ask declined to comment on camera but sent us this e mail as we continue with our efforts to improve our products and services i expect additional changes. we have nothing furtherer to announce about this right now. consumer union says it's had two meetings of pay pal since our story first airedúco and ss changes should not be taken this long to implement. no new meetings are scheduled at this time. >> thank you. >> and an accused killer faces a judge for the first time since arrest charged in a crime spree that left one man dead. we're live with the story tonight in san5ic;k:q. >> right. jonathan willbanks walked into court with head down and shoulders hunched and did not enter a plea to numerous charges against him. jonathan willbanks stood before a judge just 60 seconds. police say the deadly crime
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spree friday night lasted 90 minutes. the family and friends of the murder victim rory park pettiford will live with pain forever. >> i say state of mind is remorseful. >> does he realize seriousness of the charges? >> i don't have anything else to say. >> five days of the death a memorial continues to grow in a 7-11 parking lot n addition to murder with special circumstances willbanks faces several other felony counts including attempted murder of a peace officer, assault with a firearm on an officer, four counts of robbery and receiving a stolen vehicle. the murder charge could make this a possible death penalty case. the district attorney will make that decision later. >> it would be nice if he was remorseful. i can't comment one way or another. all i can say is that the officer that was fired upon had round after round raining down on him.
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>> the police force is still shaken because a second suspect is out there. there is efforts and a $20,000 reward for the man you can see in this sketch, a man police say was will banks partner in crime. >> hopefully, it ends at this point. the second suspect gets apprehended before anyone else gets hurt. >> the 26-year-old is scheduled to enter a plea on december 5th. a memorial service for a 22-year-old park pettiford is scheduled for saturday. >> thank you. >> family and friends have buried a$ ñ marine shot and killed by police. he was honored during a service at cedar lawn cemetery today. he died november 10th. fellow marines joined the service. he served in the marines in afghanistan. his enlistment would have a labor protest on one of the
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busiest travel days of the year snarled traffic today at los angeles international airport. a march by mun hundreds of union members blocked the main entrance to the airport this afternoon. service employee union took aim at a company for breaking its contract. police moved in and aested several protestors who refused to leave when the permits expired. >> if you're still planning to travel for the thanksgiving holiday, looks like clear sailing is ahead. here is a live picture of interstate 80. the freeway thick with last minute travelers but traffic appears to be moving well now. 60,000 people expected to pass through san francisco international airport. there have been no major delays and some flights arrived early. the weather cooperating. and the weather is working in your favor as well, the storm hitting last night moved out now, it should be clear through sunday. spencer will have the forecast. first, let's go to abc 7 news
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laura anthony reporting from the snow in truckee tonight. >> it's beginning to look like winter. up in lake tahoe. north star families took to the ice rink perhaps working up an appetite for thursday's big thanksgiving dinner. it was a storm that made it easy on those trying to get to the mountains as snow levels stayed awell 8,000 feet. on slopes that wasn't so good. producing just an inch or so of new snow making the stuff at bottom slushy. >> i was shredding hard. and it was fun. it's getting slushy as the day goes on. it's a good day. >> at north star runs were open were crowded as skiers tune up for some thanksgiving turns. >> did you think you'd be seeing before thanksgiving? >>. no. no way. the earliest we thought would be january, february. >> my favorite part is going
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up with the chairs. like when you come down. you can go as fast as you want. then as slow as you want, when you want. >> by tomorrow, north star plns to make sure more people can go up and down, opening&yr a lit going up to the top of mount pluto. >> opening here, meaning they'll be ski together top of the mountain so skiers can expect eight more trails to o they're all intermediate and advanced. more' trails to come. >> those that don't feel like sking can go shopping. >> this is got a wagon. >> store yorns say they're ready for the first big crowds of the winter season. >> usually if it snows really hard, it's hard to get people up here this, weather has been perfect. they're still coming up. yeah. for sure. >> it'!>6.v a big week. >> yes. it's huge. >> we're live up here at truckee. there has been a steady stream of cars coming into town. people in stores and
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restaurants. looks like there will be a good crowd. there is a lot of talk about stores being open on thanksgiving night. here in truckee, that gal that we've just talked to said he's she's going to be open all day tomorrow to serve those with last minute cooking needs for tomorrow night's big dinner. >> she'll have business, i suspect. >> thank you very much. >> what is in store for next four days? spencer next with the accuweather holiday forecast. >> here is a clue. look at live doppler 7 hd it won't be raining and you'll not be cold into afternoons. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up shortly. >> later tonight, death, taxes. well, pardon me, holiday shoppers last minute frenzy at supermarket chaotic because of a power shortage. >> then, that story on death ask taxes what you can do to avoid turning over half of your childrens inheritance to the government. >> here tonight abc 7 news obtains footage from a deep
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sea expedition to protect
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the port of oakland was a zoo today, truckers and shippers trying to catch up on the backlog. explains that back up lasted most of the day. big rig gridlock with thousands of truckers waiting to pick up or drop off what they could not yesterday because of the fdiu strike. >> how did yesterday's strike affect you? >> bad, really bad. you know?>s long lines and port there. they were closed and yeah. you know? we need to work to make money
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for living you know? >> the union representing 200 maintenance workers blocked entrarnss yesterday effectively shutting it down. he says he was stuck in traffic just getting off the freeway for a half hour this morning taking a hit with yesterday, and the thanksgiving holiday, in the same week. >> so they said it was wasted and today, again. tomorrow, thanksgiving. so it's a long, long weekend. >> the port says thousands of trucks service the trucks every day. it doesn't know how much money they lost. >> number one impof port here is machinery followed by electronics top experts, dried fruits, nuts and meats. >> so on a normal thanksgiving week, we're going to have long lines with disruption of yesterday we're seeing longer lines. >> today i usually do two loads. you know? so it's going to be a lot.
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>> fdiu hopes the truckers can see the value of union action. >> at the end of the day when you're back is against the wall, you're a group of workers labor is the only thing you're going have to withhold. that is the purpose of the strike. because our goal is settlement. not more strike ootz port says it's difficult to estimate loss, the port represents $8 million of impact for the region. there is perception that the port is not a good place to do business. >> tonight it took seven hours to restore power to the x marinea. only that store was affected. now, a blown trance former forced chefs to do shopping, you can see, in the dark. we're live now, not easy
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navigating aisle was out lights. >> imagine this. customer needed flashlights. that behind me is a beautiful thing. the lights are on here at the marina safeway.  out this, is cell phone video. people had to navigate throughout the aisles.. >> it's really dark. people can find things on shelfs.. >> dark. very dark. >> i could hardly find m of the stuff. so there is everything i wanted. >> the power outage required after the transformer blew. cash registers were still working. >> i have never been trying to find things.. >> someone helped me. it worked out okay.
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everywhere. at this store, people had to wait a long time to pick up their items.. >> my feet, they're barking like woof, woof, standing in this line. it's so hot in there. >> half an hour? >> worth it j? >> yes. my family loves it. >> now, right now there are a lot of people shopping inside of the safeway. you can tell the lot is full. and tomorrow many of the stores will be open. i just remembered myself very to buy cheese and bread so i guess i'm one of those people, too. >> at least you're close to a market. >> i guess most of those are one of those people. the storm system colored out. >> it's true. thanksgiving eve is a clue,
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it's going to be spectacular. over san francisco, looking eastward, clear skies it will be getting cooler this evening and overnight. skies are clear as you can see here. clouds around today, they became thinner, scarcer as the day went on. what about rainfall totals? it's 48 hours we're drenched in places over four and a half inches and well over an inch in san francisco over an inch. other generous amounts but lower so rain reached all of us, let's talk about rainfall. well above average here in san francisco. close to average in other locations except san jose. only 63% of normal. it's early in the season.
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there is more rain still to come wevyñ ñ hope that will brig south bay up to normal levels. temperatures 56 degrees in san francisco. 61 across the bay. mid to upper 50s in other locations, these are the forecast features, clear and chilly conditions overnight, patches of fog developing and it will be sunny, mild thanksgiving day, tomorrow, satellite shows the passage of the frontal system brought us rain last couple days, high pressure building in behind it.9pp' dry pattern throughout the week. a mild one, temperatures up around 70 degrees over the next couple afternoons. tonight as you follow time line, you'll see fog developing. and that fog will expand this weekend through the delta. so some inland valleys can see fog developing over the next three overnight periods. we've got a nice night coming
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our way. we've got patches of fog sh low temperatures on the low 40s in the north bay valleys. then, tomorrow, thanksgiving day, mild conditions and maybe cooler with pleasant by afternoon. high temperatures ranging from low 60s on the coast to mid-60s and a bit to our south, milder near some of the monterey bay locations up to 70 degrees tomorrow. upper 60s near the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. friday, high temperatures around the bay and inland locations up to about 70 degrees midz 60s on the coast. upper 60s inland, saturday. going to be a spectacular thanksgiving weekend then cooling down just a little bit into next week. >> perfect. thank you. >> okay. >> coming up next the senseless and mean spirited
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theft of the man's best friend. >> the dog missin
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a burglar went on a wild, violent camp yaij police say the thief kicked down doorsgj and windows and stole items from cars and broke into several apartments. the burglar threw a suitcase full of loot and tried to get aby. >> blood everywhere. two units are ransacked. a lot of damage to the building as far as windows and frames. >> that is why there is so much blood. one police officer cut arms trying to grab the burglar through a window no. drentsz were hurt. the suspected burglar taken to the hospital with cuts and bruises. >> an alameda man pleaded guilty to a burglar spree that included a break in to the home of steve jobs. the 35-year-old admitted to breaking into several other homes in marin, and alameda counties and took hundreds of
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thousands of dollars worth of properties, much he stashed in the storage locker. he could spend seven and a >> heart break for one man, he was just diagnosed with cancer and is on dialysis, his companion a little york shire terrier, now, lola is missing. someone broke the car window, snatching the dog. >> it's very difficult without her. she's very, very important to me. and i live alone. i have very good friends but she's my companion. >> rob doesn't have pictures of lola but says she hooks lola is four years old, weighing about 10 pounds. friends and neighbors have come to the rescue putting up signs and offering a $3,000
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reward. >> still to come here on abc 7 news, cease fire in gaza. you'll hear from a woman in gaza describing how violence affected the children there. >> here at home, investigating a bay area oyster farm. >> new uncertainty over death and taxes.
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tonight israel and hamas claiming victory the cease fire deal. palestinians flooded streets of gaza city to celebrate the agreement brokered by egypt and the united states. under the deal hamas stop firing rockets into israel and israelies have abried to open border crossings into gaza. secretary of state clinton says the cease fire is an important first step.
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>> people of the region deserve the chance to live free from fear, and violence. and today's agreement is a step in the right direction we should build on. >> abc 7 news spoke with a palestinian doctor in gaza that is with the middle east children alliance, a group helping children traumatized by violence. >> in five minutes from my home to my office, i could see destruction and the i can see the zried homes. the worst part of this, of the after tack against gaza ais the affect on the children. and they have been this time, we'll find out the disorder.pqjv
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said in israel. a bomb exploded in tel aviv. a militant group claimed presponsibility for that. >> back at home, after years of debate we're closer now to finding out the fate of a popular north bay oyster farm. today the secretary of the interior heard from both sides of the contentious debate in point reyes national sea shore. they have been commercially harvesting oisers at the side of the company since 1934 but that may end. it's lease to operate will expire at the end of the month. >> how are you? >> we're honored and thank you. >> thank you nice to meet you nice to meet you. >> the interior secretary will make the final decision salazar toured the farm talking to workers. >> you know... >> seeing how the farm works. he is hoping he will be
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estimating it produces 40% of the harvest. >> would not be here, frankly if this is not a important decision. >> the first and only chance to sit down with the secretary and explain why he should be allowed to stay. >> i feltkjk
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understanding what's happening, meeting with kevin, and his family. from the oyster farm and workers. >> that is important because there are consequences i will make. >> it's been a long process. secretary says he will announce the decision by the end of next week, we'll let you know. >> perhaps a trillion dollars being transfered from parents to children as this year draws to a close. there is very little said bit. abc 7 is here now with an anticipate td change in the structure and that is causing a frenzy. >> state planners saying they've never seen anything like this, you'll see in just
6:33 pm
a moment. first i want to start with a head start day care program. >> these are the children of working class and working poor families. mission head start serves 380 preschoolers. >> there is special needs services. >> what they don't have is a:úwñ lot of money. funding has been. >> in the offices of estate planners and tax attorneys there is a river of money flowing to more fortunate children. >> there is no comparison this, is the busiest year i've seen and trying not to hyper vent late. >> the senior vice president with bank of marin. >> biggest flurry of year end activity i've seen. >> this financial advisor describes calls from his clients. >> concerned about losing family business or family farm.
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or real estate. because of taxes. >> these tax and estate experts are all talking about a provision of a fiscal cliff next year if congress does not act the tax increases from 35% to 55%, and the amount you can give tax free to children will drop from $10 million this year to $2 million next year. talking about a significant tax hike. >> the tax attorney says if couples don't take advantage, heirs will pay, dearly. >> so your so million estate is now worth? >> six, roughly. >> so families with more than a couple million are rushing to gift their children before year'slw'"ñ end. >> our business is up 30% to 40% now. >> the managing directorb> of mfv. >> we've seen a lot of anxiety. a lot of angst to try to move well for the next generation.
6:35 pm
>> everyone says it's big. >> it could be big enough to have a t behind the number, as >> back at the day care center where money is tight, door he lowers says $10 million exemption should be qlor but estate tax seems high, even to her. >> people also made that money. and... that they're entitled to half of the money. >> as congress debates what the right rate and exemption combination should be, michael sedz there is a real divide among the rich. >> there are folk that's care about exemption. there are people that care about the rates. and it's super wealthy care about the rates. >> the difference is simple. if you have an estate worth $5 million it and stays where it is, your hairs get a $5
6:36 pm
million benefit but if the tax rate goes from 35% to 55% and you have $1 million? that is $200 million extra. watch what congress does with the estate tax rate. >> it's the key to the super wealthy. >> yes. you'll get $1 billion? >> or, just $100 million. >> yes. okay. coming up a life and death struggle many retailers are
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the consumer federation of america predicted holiday spending could increase. >> that is welcome news to retailers gearing up for what could be a life or death struggle for some of them during holidays. >> david louie has more on competition for consumer spending. >> i will be put to the test this holiday season. sales at stores last quarter fell 4.3%. sales went up 10%. the shift happening throughout the retail sector, sales so over $10 billion. that is up 16% compared to last year. and online sites expected to ring up $43.5 billion, up 17% over last year. however, there is a segment of
6:40 pm
shoppers brick and mortar retailers know they can target. >> it's worth it to know what i'm getting and it doesn't make a difference. you can talk to a sales person, getting information. >> yes. yes. >> the executive director of the management institute says retailers need to find new ways to indicator to that shopper. >> those able to change to have a vision to stay ahead of the pack, it's succeeded. those that haven'tk6im really e found themselves inh5m6ñ a difficult situation. >> the retail graveyard is filled with casualties. best buy says it's meeting the challenge offering better trained associates. >> each goes through training outside of the store for four days then, after that, there is training at best buy. all have to get certify sod there are a lot of experts in
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the store. >> others saying now that amazon is collecting sales tax, this is the first time they're on an even playing field with a major competitor. it appears all retailers are going to be aggressive about doing price matching to snag a lot of consumer business. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> coming up next researchers study canyons in alaska. >> what they're
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bay area conservationists on their way back from a mission to protect huge underwater canyons in alaska the heart of the fishing industry and the canyons may be a vital link in the life cycle of fish that you eat. tloont looking at the expedition found and how it might affect what is on your dinner plate. >> this is jackie dryden. jackie is one of several members trained to pilot a
6:45 pm
submersible, deep into two mysterious underwater canyons off the coast of alaska. watt yefr canyons in the world. >> greenpeace shot this video. walls covered with life and patches of deep sea sponges no human eyes have ever seen before. the dots of light in the screen are lasers to determine size of each creature. there are robotic arms. the team found surprises.. >> on the first drive we saw a huge nursery. areas large as a football field covered in piles of ledgery egg casings. >> canyons in the bering sea off the coast of alaska. the air so full of fish and nutrition, it's known asvs)he green belt.
6:46 pm
this is generating nearly half of the seafood sold in the fu.s you eat fish sticks, fish fillet sandwiches and imitation crab, odds are you're eating fish from the bering sea. groups believe many fish depend on the canyons for food and shelter sometime during their life tykel. >> this is important. we need to make sure we protect the habitat. >> conservationists have been working to create a ban in areas but the industry says l is not enough evidence so greenpeace trying to get more data. this is their second expedition into the canyons. they're working with a dieologist from the marine science institute. he is still analyzing video but says canyons do have ecological importance. we talked with him via skip.
6:47 pm
>> we found higher abundances of corals then other deep water habitats looked at. and. >> so how could this affect you? and your fish sticks? well major deretailer believes it could be good for long term future of commercial fisheries. >> safeway is one of the largest seafood buyers. the company won't talk with us but did send this letter to the fishry management council urging them to investigate options to protect the canyons because there is too much at stake. fishermen are watching closely. the majority backs a group called marine conserve vacation alliance. the director told us the fishing industry is dedicated to keeping bering sea healthy.
6:48 pm
>> we have a process and a standard that is been used as a model for the world. >> researchers will submit findings to government science activities. >> beautiful. >> and that is north pacific counsel and there is power tolçñ enact perfect teches to see more of the creatures as you can see it's remarkable stuff. go to abc 7 a remarkable place on the planet. >> yes. images are something to see. >> spencer is back now. >> he is looking ahead into the long four day holiday weekend. in the eyewitness news, sunny skies tomorrow, thanksgiving day. mild conditions. highs into mid-60s around the bay and inland. and we'll have dry conditions throughout the accu-weather forecast.
6:49 pm
so... happy thanksgiving. we're making a final appeal giving 35 feels or $350 we'll mention your name here, tonight we want to thank temple beth abe ram forgiving and congregation beth 110 meals temple beth shall on -- shalom. and alvin and ann jones 40 meals. so to donate call the number at the top of the screen. we have abc share your holiday food drive coming up we'll take your donations on december 12th in locations around the bay area. go to abc 7 find out why. >> 5700?
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that is great. >> it's great. >> yes. >> two quarterbacks better than one? >> that is the question.
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well, two quarterbacks, that is the decision tonight. which will start? >> i don't think it's a big problem to have two has got to be a good thing. >> that is what team members were saying today.v%qé they couldn't wait to grill jim harbaugh about the situation. the snd harbaugh observers knew what to expect. you'll get nudging and like it. no revelations about whether he'll be out. he5zjg said this could change wk to week. or even rotate in the middle of games. >> people are probably drooling because they can have something to talk bchl you know? they can fill three, four hours of talk radio and get people to call n everybody can share opinions but people who care whether we win or lose tonight won't need that announcement. >> i am busy wiping up the
6:54 pm
drool right now. so what are the quarterbacks thinking about this? smith hasn't been cleared to play. he's hoping to get an okay by sunday. he wants to play but looking from team , two capable quarterbacks is a good problem to have. >> if you can't be happy for teammate success, it's ridiculous, i think. it doesn't belong owe in team sports. so it's a decision to get a lot of attention. we're going to get talked about. it's important it doesn't come here. >> we've been at each other's side. so we're going keep doing that. >> a lot of microphones today. carson palmer spent seven years with bengels before being traded to oakland. sunday, palmer and raiders host the bengels. this game marks return of hugh jackson now an assistant, secondary coach.
6:55 pm
jackson let go. dareus hayward bay says jackson helped him grow. >> he believed in me. and he said he wanted to see if he's going to make a play and did he that. >> good game not about you. it's about two teams that are going to go out there to compete. >> raider nation, want to see your team thrive? e mail fan photos we'll post photos on our web site and then, show them on the air during raiders day on abc 7 which is december 6th here at 5:00 p.m. out fielder hunter pens earned nickname the reverend. the preaching rob obviously worked and spawned imitateors. mlb productions shot footage
6:56 pm
for annual world series film, which is on sale now. there is a sample of playeropax. >> this is a chance to make history. >> i want to play with you tomorrow. yes. >> that is really good. i want to see you and play with you. one more day. i don't care. >> i love this team and i want to be with you. >> this is what this is about. >> have big iz. >> abc 7 sports brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> join me tonight at 9:00 coming up, could my grade schooler identify a typewriter? a generation gap at 9:00. >> then at 11:00 black wednesday.
6:57 pm
why some are calling this biggest college party night of the year. >> we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00. that is this edition of abc 7 news. >> from the news team we hope you have a wonderful evening. >> happy thanksgiving. see you later. [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent. oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half that's not half! guys, i have more! thanks mom [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a case manager from little rock, arkansas... economics research analyst from irvine, california... and our returning champion, a senate staff aide originally from iowa cianwa... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. and welcome back to our regular series of jeopardy! games. you know, one of tcial things about that teachers tournament that just ended is that -- and i hope this is true of you also -- it helped bring back memories

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